7 of the best night creams that actually work.

Question: Are you a member of the You beautiful Facebook group? No? Thank God, get started. It is a beautiful place for anyone who loves beauty (and of course nature). You beautiful podcast!).

It’s full of product recommendations and advice on everything from skin care to hair care and makeup, weird and wonderful facials and all. A LOT OF. MORE.

The best part? There’s the perfect mix of suggestions in all different budget categories, because our Youbies love safe stealing as much as we do.

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And recently there was one discussion that caught our attention.

A Youbie named Maeve asked the group:Night creams – what do you use? I currently double moisturize and go to bed looking like a glazed Krispy Kreme donut. I have very sensitive skin and am 46 years old.”

And yes, the Youbies DELIVERED.

So! If you’re also looking for what to use on your face at night, we’ve put together a big ol’ list of top recommendations.

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Friend, if you haven’t tried the Olay Regenerist range yet, do we recommend you give it a try? This was one of the top choices in the You beautiful Facebook group – and for good reason. Not only is it more affordable than some other night creams on the market (you can always buy this on sale – it’s currently $30 at Chemist Warehouse), but the formula itself feels both luxurious and effective.

There are a few different versions in the range, but this one contains multi-tasking ingredients like niacinamide to improve signs of aging and target dark spots while you sleep. Oh, and did we mention dermatologists love it too?

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One of our Youbies named Kristy said she really appreciates rosehip oil as her favorite night treatment. She said: “I’m 43, don’t use anything special except rosehip oil, it’s super nourishing, I use it morning and night.”

In case you’re not already familiar, rosehip oil is rich in nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin A, as well as fatty acids, and is fantastic for nourishing and repairing all skin types, especially aging skin.

If you’re looking for options, we really like this pick from New Zealand brand Trilogy.

Image: David Jones/Canva.

Another popular choice? Weleda skin food. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a thick, creamy, and nourishing moisturizer that can be used on both the face and body. It’s perfect for rough, dry skin (especially in winter) and is packed with ingredients including soothing chamomile, rosemary, lanolin and sweet almond oil.

Gael from the You beautiful The Facebook group suggested: “Emulsify into palms and pat onto skin – beautiful.”

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With ingredients like oat kernel, shea butter and willow bark, Natio’s Calm Night Cream was recommended as an excellent choice for a rich dose of nighttime nourishment. This extra gentle night cream is suitable for sensitive and impure skin and soothes and soothes the skin, while protecting the all-important skin barrier.

“I add facial oil to Natio Calm Night Cream,” shared a Youbie named Luciana. “I always wake up with juicy skin.”

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While this particular product from popular K-beauty brand Hado Labo isn’t available in stores in Australia yet, you can currently buy it online at sites like iHerb.

Described as a moisturizing gel that works as a toner, essence, cream, serum and mask all in one, this little golden tub sounds like a serious all-rounder. Formulated with three types of hyaluronic acid to improve the skin’s moisture-retaining ability, this product also promises to help restore firmness and elasticity, as well as using ceramides to replenish moisture.

Belinda from the You Beauty Facebook group said: “Hada Labo Perfect Gel. It’s a golden tub of sticky jelly perfection.”

We’ll take five.

Image: Mecca/Canva.

One of the latest launches from everyone’s favorite brand, Go-To’s Very Luxe Face Cream is a great choice for dry or mature skin types. And the Youbies agree! “I just bought it back,” Karen said. “What a nourishing cream for winter skin.”

Formulated with ceramides and humectants, it fights the signs of dehydration and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is rich and luxurious in texture and promises hydrated, plump and radiant skin in the morning.

Image: Sephora/Canva.

Amelia wrote in the You beautiful Facebook Group: “I use the Biossance Repair Cream. (It’s) my favorite because it’s so thick, fragrance-free and creamy. If you have your own favorite night cream, try using an oil afterward to lock in hydration. “

Formulated with a sandwich of hydrating ingredients like squalane, fatty acids, and ceramides, if you’re looking for a deeply hydrating moisturizer, this is a great choice.

Have you tried any of the above products? What is your choice? Share it with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Canva/Mecca/Sephora/Natio.

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