VIDEO: Engine detached from train carriages, runs for 3 kilometers in Punjab | India News

A railway keyman in Khanna in Punjab avoided a major accident when he raised an alarm after noticing the Patna-Jammu Tawi Archana Express running without an engine.

The Archana Express was traveling from Patna to Jammu Tawi when its engine separated in the Khanna in Punjab.

Khanna: Thousands of passengers on board the Patna-Jammu Tawi Archana Express had a narrow escape on Sunday when the train spun for about three kilometers after its engine separated from the carriages in Khanna town, Punjab.

A major tragedy was averted when an alert keyman noticed that the carriages were running without an engine and raised the alarm, after which the engine was stopped and reconnected to the rest of the train.

The incident is said to have occurred on Sunday morning. The train 12355 was traveling from Patna to Jammu Tawi when the engine separated in the Khanna of Punjab mid-journey and traveled on the track for almost three kilometers before it was spotted. The locomotive pilot only found out after he was miles away from the carriages.

Images from the scene showed the engine being returned to the segregated carriages as hundreds of passengers disembarked from the train and stood around the tracks. Railroad workers arrived on the scene and connected the locomotive to the carriages before the train resumed its journey.

No passengers were reported injured in the incident as there was no other train on the track at the time. However, it raised questions about safety standards and awareness of train crews. The reason behind the engine disconnection has not been established and the Indian Railways is reportedly conducting an investigation in this regard.

In February, a similar incident took place in Punjab, where a freight train rolled almost 84 kilometers along the track without a driver being stopped in Mukerian district. The train drivers were reportedly on a break and forgot to apply the handbrake when the train stopped at Kathua station in Jammu and Kashmir.