The video of a hammock man on the bus circulating online is a skit, not real

Maybe you’ve seen it. A video circulating on social media shows a man in a hammock aboard a city bus refusing to take it down at the bus driver’s request.

“Where’s the ‘no hammock’ sign?” the man wearing a red hoodie is heard saying in the video as he lies stretched out in a blue hammock attached to two silver handles in the van behind the driver’s seat.

According to the makers, it was a staged sketch.

The original post source is from Facebook users Lexi and Ocean, a newlywed couple who “make amazing videos” and whose Facebook page had more than 30,000 followers as of Wednesday.

“This video was made for entertainment purposes only,” the couple wrote in a May 1 post on their page accompanying the video, which had been liked more than 133,000 times as of Wednesday afternoon.

Although the couple did not share the shooting location of the skit, they explained in a separate live video post Monday why they created, recorded and shared the skit with the world.

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“It was a really fun video to make and we really enjoy sharing these crazy moments,” said Ocean, a native of Honolulu, Hawaii, in Monday’s post. “Did you see where I spin around like an anaconda?”

Here’s what the video shows and what its creators have to say about the skit:

What does the hammock in the bus video show?

The video shows a bus driver standing in front of the hammock and telling the man to get out of the hammock and take it down.

“If you don’t get out of the bag, I’ll call the police,” the driver says.

“No,” he squeaks, then spins around in the hammock like a giant, fat snake wrapping itself around its prey.

“There’s air conditioning here and I’m not moving,” he says at one point.

“What the…,” an alleged bus passenger can be heard saying on the video. “Can you get down so we can get where we’re going?” Go downstairs!’

Hammock Man revealed, “It’s me! I am him

In a nearly 45-minute live video on their Facebook page, Ocean introduces himself and his new bride, Lexi, and reiterates that it’s just a skit.

“You wouldn’t believe how many people are sending me this video of this guy in a hammock on a public bus! It’s me! I’m him,” Ocean revealed in Monday’s Facebook post. “You’re talking about me.”

USA TODAY has contacted the couple.

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Hammock video confuses the internet

The video, which was shared on multiple online social media platforms in recent weeks, drew swift reactions from people.

One Instagram user posted the video along with the hashtag #nycmta, #newyorkersbelike,#nycsubway, #nyctribe and captioned the video: “why is it late today?” me “an aggressive hammock situation.”

Some users on the social media platform assumed the film was shot in New York City, while others claimed this was clearly not the case.

“Thank you Mayor Adams and Mayor Deblazio, you created these situations. It’s a zoo where animals run around wild and lawless,” one person wrote.

Right below that comment, someone wrote, “Real NYers know very well that this is not a NYC bus.”

Some Facebook users who commented on the original on the couple’s page defended the hammock man.

“I fully support this man,” someone commented on the original post. “The government is eating our tax dollars, doing nothing for the people who are suffering, and people want to fight a man who is trying to sleep in safety instead of under a bridge where someone can rob him.”

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Why did Ocean and Lexi make the Hammock Man video?

While they won’t reveal their last names or say if other people on board are actors, the couple explains why they made it in their updated post about the video.

“I’ve always hated how upright and tight those seats are on buses and planes… why isn’t there a sleep option. A cardable option,” Ocean explains.

“I really like hammocks, how they lie and how comfortable you sit in them,” he says. “I checked the city ordinances, I looked for signs on the bus, and there was no sign saying there are no hammocks.”

So they put on a skit, they say.

“The bus driver finally saw what I was doing,” Ocean said. “It’s summer here, that’s why I hid in the cool air conditioning.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, the couple’s video had been shared more than 49,000 times on Facebook.

Natalie Neysa Alund is a senior reporter for USA TODAY. Reach her at [email protected] and follow her at X @nataliealund.