Instagram and Facebook down? Many people rush to other social apps to give the update

Meta-owned platforms such as Instagram and Facebook suffered a major outage lasting more than an hour on Wednesday. The downtime of the popular social media apps was confirmed by Downtector, where many people complained about not being able to use the apps on their phones for a few hours.

In countries like the US, most of the messages on the website arrived late on Tuesday evening, while some people in India also noted that the apps were not working early on Wednesday.

The outages were reported in India around 7am on Wednesday, while the impact was greater in the US, where thousands experienced problems accessing these apps. Most complaints were about issues with their app, while some also couldn’t access Facebook on the web.

As is tradition with these outages, most people went to X, which was still running, and people shared their updates to see if others are also facing the same problem.

This isn’t the first major outage Meta’s Instagram and Facebook have faced. These two apps, along with other services, were unavailable in March as these long-term outages affected a significant user base for these companies. Meta even acknowledged the problems and resolved them successfully.

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