6-year-old dies after mother throws him into crocodile-infested stream in Dandeli

Dandeli: Angry over a marital dispute with her husband, a 23-year-old woman threw her six-year-old child into a crocodile-infested stream near Dandeli crocodile park on Saturday.

The body of the child, half eaten by the crocodiles, was fished out by officials of Dandeli Rural Police Station on Sunday.

According to officials, Savithri Ravi Shirandi threw her son Vinod into the stream flowing behind her house around 7 pm.

Officials had to call off rescue operations due to poor visibility in the dark. They collected the body on Sunday morning and took it to the hospital for post-mortem examination.

Police have arrested both the mother and father, Ravi Kumar (41). A case has been registered.

Published May 5, 2024, 7:46 am IST