Elon Musk welcomes anti-Semite Nick Fuentes back to Twitter

Anti-Semitic Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes has been allowed back onto Twitter/X after his account was suspended following a barrage of conspiratorial and anti-Jewish posts.

Anti-racism watchdog the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which describes Fuentes as a “white supremacist leader” who has “united several groups within what was until recently known as alt-right,” said Friday morning: “We are concerned that white supremacist influencer Nick Fuentes is officially welcomed back to X.”

Musk replied to that message saying that the “ADL is still fighting yesterday’s battle,” to which Fuentes argued, “ADL lost, the patriots won.”

X boss Elon Musk said Thursday that Fuentes’ account “will be reinstated, provided he doesn’t break the law, and let the comments and community notes crush him.” It is better to have anti-anything out in the open to be refuted than to let it simmer in the darkness.”

Musk added: “I can’t claim to be a defender of free speech and then permanently ban someone who hasn’t broken the law, no matter how much I disagree with what they say.

“This will probably cause us to lose a lot of advertisers and that makes me sad, but a principle is a principle,” he said on the social media platform he bought in 2022 and renamed from Twitter.

When Fuentes’ account was reinstated on Saturday, he tweeted: “Looking forward to reintroducing myself in my own words!”

Fuentes, a notorious far-right commentator, has advocated the genocide of “treasonous Jews,” saying in 2023: “They should be given the death penalty outright.”

The anti-Semite praised Hitler in 2023 as “really f*cking cool”. He added that “this guy is awesome, this guy is cool.”

He said: “All I want is revenge on my enemies and a total Aryan victory.” At a white nationalist conference in 2022, he favorably compared President Vladimir Putin to the Nazi leader: “Now (the media) says ‘Vladimir Putin is Adolf Hitler,’ as if that’s not a good thing.”

Along with his anti-Semitism, Fuentes has said rape is “not a problem.”

He rose to further fame when he joined the presidential campaign of anti-Semitic rapper Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) and had dinner with Ye and former President Donald Trump in 2022.

Fuentes was first banned from Twitter in 2021 for “repeated violations” of the platform’s policy on hateful content. Reddit, Spotify, TikTok and YouTube have also banned him, and Fuentes has condemned a “concerted effort by leftists, conservative Inc gatekeepers and Silicon Valley censors to silence him.”

In January 2023, Musk briefly sent him back to the platform. The far-right commentator flooded his feed with anti-Semitic messages and was suspended again by X within a day.

Hate speech watchdogs have warned about extremists on social media and have called for deplatforming.

Musk spoke out against anti-Semitism during a recent trip to Auschwitz and has repeatedly said he is committed to absolute freedom of expression.

Fuentes thanked the X chief and tweeted: “Thank you @elonmusk for restoring my account and upholding your commitment to freedom of expression.”

The same day Musk said he would reinstate Fuentes, he proposed a poll on the deportation of people who remove the American flag and fly another one in its place. He has also previously threatened to sue the ADL, which has since praised him for saying he would ban two phrases common to pro-Palestinian protests: “decolonization” and “from the river to the sea.”