Live’ new episodes for free from May 3 to 4 on Reelz

The Reelz series “On Patrol: Live” continues with new episodes on Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11 at 9pm ET/6pm PT both nights, each three hours long.

Those without cable can watch the latest episodes of “On Patrol: Live” for free via Philo or DirecTV Stream, each of which offers a free trial to new users.

According to the show’s IMDb description, the show follows “the daily lives of police officers on patrol from various departments across America,” and is hosted by Dan Abrams, Sean “Sticks” Larkin, and Curtis Wilson.

The series premiered in July 2022, according to a trailer for the series, in which Larkin explains that the series “takes an unfiltered look at what police officers do,” while Wilson added “anything can happen when it’s live.”

Reelz added that the police departments featured on the show represent every region of the country, from the North to the South and from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between, including rural, urban and suburban areas.

How can I watch “On Patrol: Live” on Reelz without cable?

You can watch the series via Reelz on Philo or on DirecTV Stream, each of which offers a free trial for new users.

What’s Philo?

Philo is an over-the-top live TV streaming service on the Internet that offers over 60 entertainment and lifestyle channels, such as AMC, BET, MTV, Comedy Central and more, for the budget-friendly price of $25 per month.

What’s DirectTV stream?

The streaming platform offers a plethora of content, including streaming the best of live and On Demand, starting with over 75 live TV channels.

LPGA Tour Highlights: 2024 Cognizant Founders Cup, Round 2

May 9, 2024 7:19 PM

Brandel Chamblee explains the basics of Nelly Korda’s game and fuels her historic streak on the LPGA Tour, which could extend to six straight wins if she wins the Cognizant Founders Cup.

3 puppies rescued, 1 killed, in parked car in Disney Springs

One puppy died while three others were rescued after their owner left them in a car parked in a Disney Springs parking garage in Orange County, Florida.

Orange County Animal Services said in a news release that four “Bernedoodle” puppies were recovered last Saturday evening from a car parked in a Disney Springs parking garage. One of the puppies was found to be unresponsive and had to be euthanized due to the extent of the injuries, despite “intervention by paramedics and the emergency veterinary clinic.”

The other three puppies, meanwhile, were able to “recover with assistance” and were adopted by Reedy Creek Fire Department personnel, the animal rights group said.

The rescued puppies could "recover with help," and were adopted by Reedy Creek Fire Department personnel.The rescued puppies could "recover with help," and were adopted by Reedy Creek Fire Department personnel.

The rescued puppies were able to “recover with assistance” and were adopted by Reedy Creek Fire Department personnel.

The owner of the puppies told authorities he recently purchased the puppies from an Ohio breeder. He said he stopped in Disney Springs to have dinner with family and left the puppies in the car with the windows slightly cracked, assuming conditions would be suitable for the dogs. The OSAS said the owner was gone for about 90 minutes before the puppies were found.

The high temperature recorded in Orlando on May 4 was 87 degrees, according to Authorities did not specify what conditions were like inside the car when the puppies were rescued, but stressed that temperatures in parked cars can soar above 120 degrees.

Owner could face animal cruelty charges, sheriff’s office says

Under Florida law, it is illegal to leave an animal confined and unattended in a parked vehicle without adequate ventilation, the OCAS said in a Facebook post, explaining that temperatures can rise quickly in park vehicles, causing harm can be for pets.

The OCAS said the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case to determine if charges can be filed against the owner. The sheriff’s office said in an email to USA TODAY that the case is an active investigation “that is still in its early stages.”

“Our investigators from the Agricultural Crimes Unit believe they have probable cause for animal cruelty in this case,” the sheriff’s office said.

A Bernedoodle puppy was rescued from a car parked in a Disney Springs parking garage in Orange County, Florida.A Bernedoodle puppy was rescued from a car parked in a Disney Springs parking garage in Orange County, Florida.

A Bernedoodle puppy was rescued from a car parked in a Disney Springs parking garage in Orange County, Florida.

‘Heartbreaking and irritating’

The OCAS is also urging pet owners to take more care of their furry friends and not leave them unattended in cars.

“Every summer we deal with cases like this, where someone comes into a store, shopping center or the like and chooses to leave their pet in the car, assuming it will be a short drive,” said OCAS Division Manager Diane Summers in a position. “It is heartbreaking and infuriating for our staff and the pet loving community when pet owners make this mistake, as preventable tragedies can and do occur.”

Summers added that pet owners have the misconception that shade or a cracked window will be sufficient for the animal, when in reality it is the opposite, especially during the summer months in Florida.

The rescued puppies could "recover with help," and were adopted by Reedy Creek Fire Department personnel.The rescued puppies could "recover with help," and were adopted by Reedy Creek Fire Department personnel.

The rescued puppies were able to “recover with assistance” and were adopted by Reedy Creek Fire Department personnel.

The animal rights group said a similar incident occurred last month at a Goodwill in Orlando. A pet owner left his 7-month-old Shih Tzu, Beethoven, in the car while they went shopping. When the puppy was rescued, Orange County Fire Rescue recorded a temperature of 140 degrees in the car, OCAS said. After Beethoven recovered from the ordeal, he was released to a rescue group.

“We at OCAS simply ask our community to remember that they are more than just pets,” OCAS said. ‘They are more than possessions. To remember that they need us, more than we need them. And that they usually cannot survive without us. We must not endanger these kind hearts.”

Authorities also urged anyone who witnesses a pet abandoned in a car without air conditioning to immediately contact local law enforcement authorities.

Saman Shafiq is a trending news reporter for USA TODAY. Reach her at [email protected] and follow her at X @saman_shafiq7.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: One puppy dead, three rescued from hot car parked in Disney Springs

Di Francesco hopes that Inter’s 5-0 does not damage Frosinone’s confidence

Frosinone coach Eusebio Di Francesco thinks the 5-0 defeat against Inter is a ‘false’ result and hopes that it will not cause them psychological damage in the fight against relegation.

The Canarini threatened to score several times at the Stadio Stirpe tonight, hitting the woodwork, forcing numerous saves from Yann Sommer and being denied by two goal-line clearances.

“Inter had a total of six shots on target and scored five goals. They are a clinical team and we knew that,” Di Francesco said at his press conference.

“The result feels false, but we know our limitations. We must rediscover that solidity. It may seem strange to analyze a match that ended 5-0 and say we had a good performance, but the conditions did not cooperate.”

Di Francesco saw Inter in the spotlight

Inter had lost 1-0 to Sassuolo the previous week, a result that shook up the battle to avoid relegation and put Frosinone in jeopardy. So this was a response to the criticism of that setback.

“All the talk about Inter during the week didn’t help us because the spotlight was back on them and they gave 100 percent. We will see what attitude the big clubs take towards the other teams.”

Luca Mazzitelli went off with a thigh injury in the first half and Di Francesco warned he is unlikely to be fit for next week’s clash with Monza.

“There should be no psychological setback, the goal from tomorrow is to banish this result from our minds and rediscover the defensive solidity we lost today.

“It is foolish to allow a counter-attack when you are losing 4-0. We have to be more intelligent and understand when not to make certain mistakes.”

Frosinone only had a two-point lead on the relegation zone this weekend and could therefore end up in the bottom three.

“We have proven over the course of the season that we deserve to play in Serie A and are supported by a fantastic crowd. We have always shown courage, sometimes we make naive mistakes, but I have always believed in this type of football.”

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Baby gray whale killed by orcas revives tribal tradition

Published on 10-05-24 at 3:55 PM
By Andre’ Hagestedt, Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Bandon, Oregon) – Experts believe this has been going on for decades: a certain group of transient orcas (which don’t regularly feed on these waters) have come through here in the spring and prey on baby gray whales. However, it was rarely seen and cases of them washing up dead after such attacks were not really documented.

Now it has been thoroughly documented for the second time, as a baby gray whale washed up in Bandon this week, with all the signs of being hunted by orcas.

However, the incident provided a happy ending for some local tribe members.

The whale came ashore around May 26 at night, with many bite marks.

Jim Rice, head of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, drove from Newport to Bandon to investigate. He confirmed to Oregon Coast Beach Connection:

“Yes, it is a gray whale calf that recently died due to predation by orcas,” Rice said.

There was a similar incident last year, in what was apparently the first time such a calf kill was documented (at least publicly), when a baby gray came ashore around Otter Rock near Depoe Bay.

That incident marked a surprising first: Numerous witnesses saw and filmed a group of this special branch of transient killer whales attacking a gray mother and calf. The calf was eventually killed after hours of epic fighting on the mother’s part. Dozens watch and document killer whales, kill baby whale on Oregon coast: more videos.

What was also revealed to the general public – which alarmed many – was that orcas do not always eat what they kill.

“Orcas often consume only a small amount of each carcass they kill,” Rice said.

They often do practice rounds or teach their young how to hunt.

The baby calf came in handy, however, because the Coquille tribe on the southern Oregon coast was able to use it for a tradition spanning thousands of years. The Coquille tribal culture believes that this is a blessing from the creator, and in a ceremony that the tribe has not performed in a while, they made sure that the blubber and bones would not be lost.

Why We Shouldn’t Fear the End of Black Twitter (Even If X Tries to Erase Us)

I remember the first time a Twitter hashtag touched me personally. It was the 2015 Academy Award nominations and all twenty acting nominations announced were white actors. As an entertainment reporter, it hurt that I couldn’t write about talent that looked like me. And then there it was: April Reign’s hashtag, #OscarsSoWhite. Three simple words that changed the face of entertainment, giving more actors of color their due.

There are the moments that are explored Black Twitter: The History of a People, a new documentary airing May 9 on Hulu. The three-part series takes a deep dive into how Black Twitter came of age and realized its power.

“I think Black people are so naturally protective of our stories. We don’t want to give away the secret sauce. We don’t want to expose the family secrets publicly,” said Jason Parham, the journalist who wrote “A People.” History of Black Twitter” for WIRED magazine in 2021, which inspired this three-part document.

“But all the moments, the memes, all the things that we had created and done and changed and influenced in the culture – of Scandal Unpleasant InsecureThis deserves its own place in history and its own story.”

The documentary reveals the best meme you’ve ever encountered on Black Twitter, shared by those who created or lived it.

“I wanted it to feel like Black Twitter when you’re on the platform,” says executive producer and director Prentice Penny, who was the showrunner on Issa Rae’s Insecure. That’s why avatars, scroll shots, and meme-inspired segments feature in conversations with thought leaders like W. Kamau Bell, Roxane Gay, Jemele Hill, and more.

It also means telling the story in the spaces where we’ve probably tweeted in the past. “Prentiss had this great idea to make the sets places where people actually tweet, so from your bedroom, the subway, the barbershop – all those spaces,” says fellow executive producer and showrunner Joie Jacoby. “The biggest part, the most important part is that this is the history of a people.”

And in that history there are so many stories to tell. Do you remember #MeetMeInTemecula?

“Hashtag #BlackThanksgiving is very formative for me,” says Parham, who worked as a GAWKER editor at the time. “I remember being in the office and shooting off the hashtag. It was the perfect reflection of Black tradition and Black futurism.”

For Penny, it’s all about #NegroSolistice. “You’ll have that black friend who will tell you something about your heritage, and she’ll say that on this day we’re going to get superpowers because of our Egyptian ancestors.”

Joie was rolled up in Zola. “Being in the live tweet like this, happening in real time… this is immersive. And it’s so messy. I love a soap opera, so I was on board and invested in what’s going to happen.”

But the series also explores what’s on our minds: Will the new owner of Twitter – now known as

“Was Twitter ever a safe space for Black people to express themselves freely? I think we’ve made it a safe space for ourselves in different ways and in our own ways,” Parham explains.

“These platforms were never built with us in mind. You know, whether the owner is Jack Dorsey or (current owner) Elon Musk, whether it’s someone else who comes after, we’ll find a way to make it ours. Black people are really good at the remix.”

Joe adds that Black Twitter “has always been about community, right? It’s about finding ourselves and each other in a digital space.”

That connection can – and will – continue to exist, according to Penny.

“The power isn’t in the platform, we just used it. I’m more excited about where it will go in real life,” he exclaims. “My children are 16 and 14 and have never been on Twitter. Twitter doesn’t even exist as an app for them anymore. But they do benefit from the hashtags created on Black Twitter.”


Black Twitter: The History of a People airs on Hulu on May 9.

Red Deer’s Bestea returns to Calgary Stampede’s midway food lineup

Beatea Chill Out Cafe is getting ready to out-flavor the competition on the Calgary Stampede’s midway where vendors tempt visitors with unforgetable food and drinks.

The Red Deer-based business will return to the famous exhibition after capturing the Stampede’s 2023 Best International Food Award at Bestea’s first Stampede appearance, and was ranked the 35th best vendor out of the 100 vendors that lined the midway.

Owner Kristina Mejica said she’s excited to find out what the Stampede has in store for Bestea this year and the thousands of visitors.

“We just want to serve a good bubble tea drink and have everyone enjoy the Calgary Stampede,” said Mejica who also hopes to make it into the top 20 this year.

Bestea was the only bubble tea vendor at Stampede last year and served an average of 1,500 drinks a day. When admission to the event was free, they served about 2,500 drinks.

She said staff just made drinks as fast as they could to keep up with the demand, and no matter how “crazy busy” their line was, customers were very patient.

Mejica and her husband Mel Cruz opened their first shop, at 4702 50th St., in January 2021. Later that year they were recognized by Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce and received The Young Entrepreneur Award at the chamber’s 2021 Business of the Year Awards .

Bestea went on to win the Young Entrepreneur category at the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction 2022, presented by the Alberta Chambers of Commerce.

She said branching out as a vendor at summer festivals all started at Westerner Days in 2021, and their appearance at the Stampede has led to more events.

This year Bestea’s Ferrero Rocher Bubble Tea, Real Mango Coconut Pearl Coolers, and Siomai with Hainanese Chicken Green Rice, are featured among the Stampede’s list of standout eats and drinks.

Ashley Warner, midway manager at the Calgary Stampede, said each year the midway is the ultimate destination for food enthusiasts.

“The Midway’s food vendors work all year to curate one-of-a-kind culinary creations that are exclusive to the Stampede. Make sure to bring your appetite because there is no shortage of options for every craving,” Warner said in a statement.

The Calgary Stampede 2024 runs from July 5 to 14.

Bestea now has a second location at MacEwan University in Edmonton.